Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Bottle...

It's not really fun getting no sleep. It's okay- I know it's just a short period of time, and i'm not really wishing it away because I know he's going to grow up way too fast. But a 4 hour stretch of sleep wouldn't hurt! So, since he's nursing SO well, we decided to try out a bottle on Friday so that I can nurse him in the evening and then head straight to bed, and Matt can take care of the next feeding with the bottle while I sleep. Of course, little food-monster, he took all 3 ounces from Daddy without batting an eyelash. (I, on the other hand, (after taking photos) went into the bedroom very sad! Thinking ridiculous thoughts like "he doesn't need me!" and then "of course he does, that stuff does NOT come from the store!") hahaha
It's Tuesday now and we still haven't tried this trick again because my little angel has been feeding 3-4 hours at night instead of 2 for the past couple days. So I've been heading to bed early with the expressed milk ready to go for Matt, and Rowen sleeps the night away so Matt never gets a chance to feed him before heading to bed himself! Oh well :o) At least we know we can! It's amazing how much better I feel sleeping two hours at a time instead of one hour at a time. I guess our bodies just get used to what they can get! I guess God knew what He was doing when He made us "mommies."

p.s. if you were wondering, we're using the Adiri Nurser. It's way cool.

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TheBoehme3 said...

I have been a blog-reading slacker lateley! I just paged through several of your entries...ahhh, so fun. Thanks for grounding me with the 31 days of prayer post. I just printed it and am copying your idea - I'm gonna tape it up by the rocker so I too will have something more productive to do than whine about being up in the middle of the night (yess, it still happens at 10 months...prepare yourself!).

Love the pics of the lil' monster. He is so cute. Sometimes I think he looks like Matt but more often I think he looks like you. Especially the eyes. So bright and beautiful!! :)

Glad to see you're taking the obstacles rather lightly and enjoying motherhood. It is quite a ride, I must say.

When you ARE ready to workout again, what is your regimen? Want to go strollin' together?