Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Friends!

Early this month we got together with our Birth Class for a little pizza party baby style- aren't they darling? It was fun talking about how the past couple months had gone for each of us and what are little babes were doing. Rowen's the youngest at 4 weeks here, the oldest (2 1/2 months) & her mommy left before we got a picture taken. :o( We're hoping to get together again next month! Isn't that fun? Check out these pictures: what dorkey first time parents we all are! haha. (We're even lined up in age order- hahaha)

and THIS is Baby Eilee- the sweet little girly I'll be caring for starting in December. Isn't she darling? She's sooo cuddly and adorable and has the softest hair- Rowen and I got to hang out with her and her mommy for a little bit yesterday- and I can't wait for more snuggles! They're going to have lots of fun together as they grow! See what pals they'll be? They're already holding hands! She's (get this) TWO DAYS older than Rowen. That's right, we ended up being "neighbors" in the hospital- just a couple doors down! So funny.
Wow- I didn't notice this in person, but she's really putting Rowen's cheeks to shame! Yummy!

and here is little Mr. Billings! Nicole and Jered welcomed little JJ into the world yesterday morning and he is soooooo handsome. It's going to be fun watching them run around at church together one day! And isn't Nicole beautiful for just having an almost 9 lb baby? Way to go, sister! We are so happy for you guys!!! He is perfect and God is so good!

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