Friday, November 14, 2008


From Jessica Harris' blog ...THANKS JESS!

"I don't watch Oprah but my mom told me about a show she did yesterday...something about getting organized...anyway, I guess they were cleaning out someone's house and they took all the artwork from the kids, took digital photos and turned it into a coffee table book. Pretty cool idea - I know I need to do SOMETHING with all the artwork we have and I can't stand the thought of getting rid of it! What a great idea, turning it into a book!
So, want a free photo book??? Go to and click on "get your free gift from Snapfish" You MUST log in and get your credit by this Friday and you MUST create and order it by SUNDAY. Quick, but totally free hardcover photo book.

I just made one and ordered it- so easy- I can't wait to get it!! The shipping is $6.99, but that's a steal of a deal! You have to do it today so hurry up!


Michele said...

Thanks for all your Help!!!!!!

Brianne said...

you're welcome Michele! Hope it worked for ya!