Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lovin' the Moby

All three of us have decided that the Moby Wrap is a must-have. Rowen is soooo snuggly and warm all wrapped up next to Momma or Daddy- (and we get to have free hands!) During the day, it's a life saver when I have to walk the dog (and bend down to pick up poo...) especially in the rain. I haven't gotten too used to "getting things done" while wearing him yet, though I can if I have to. Shopping is nice also with both hands free and no car seat to tote around or giant stroller to push either. I'm looking forward to trying the other 18 ways to wrap him up- but these two are nice for now!
Facing in- all snuggly in the fetal position, warm and toasty with Daddy. Matt can even zip his coat up around him! (Look out! It's a pregnant man!)


Facing out! You can't see them in this *really great* picture- har har- but his little legs can hang out and kick free in this one. He's looking at the lights- as usual.


lundbergfamily said...

I love that guy posing in the background of the family photo!! SO funny!

Brianne said...

LOL- "that guy" is my dad!

ck2m said...

he has gotten so big!

beauty school drop out said...

I got a moby off of freecycle. I can't wait to use it with this baby.
For Nolan we had a ring sling and pouch.

When he was 7 months I got a beco 4th gen. Which we use all the time now. Best toddler carrier around. Ergo is good too but I don't have one.