Wednesday, June 3, 2009


reason #4 why I've been a blog slacker:

$631.61 is how much we spent on Rusty in the month of May.  I just finished the May budget and that's such a crazy amount for a stinkin' pet that I had to share. Anyone want a dog? haha.
I can't remember all the details at this point, but basically it's been a month of unmentionable bodily functions which we had to purchase a mini carpet cleaner for.  Several trips to the vet, many tests, x-rays, etc and medicines... and get this: we never figured out what was wrong.  Matt's positive it's his food, which is the same food he's been on for ages. I'm not terribly convinced, but we don't have another answer so we'll go with that for now.  Maybe in a few weeks we'll introduce it again.  Maybe then he'll keep it down. *fingers crossed* So- yeah.  All month long I've been making him "dog food" of rice, chicken broth, cottage cheese, oats, boiled defatted beef, etc.  It's been a joy, let me tell you. (can you hear the sarcasm?) Poor baby, though.  The first couple weeks of May he was so weak, shaking, in pain... it's hard to be mad at an animal when they're so helpless.  Even if they do cost you your entire paycheck. *sigh*

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TheBoehme3 said...

Okay, so I totally feel your pain...maybe this will cushion the blow a bit - we actually had a medical crisis with our kitty a couple years ago which cost over FIVE THOUSAND dollars. Let's just say he is very lucky it happened prior to Brett's arrival...not sure we would've been able to justify it now. But he's healthy as can be, and hopefully it will stay that way from now on! :) Good luck with Rusty's recuperation...who knew you'd be making baby food and dog food too?!