Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the army crawl

Reason #1 why I've been a blog slacker:

Sorry that this is a month old (and completely un-edited)- but as you can probably guess, I have my hands full now! Blogging isn't exactly top on the priority list.  Keeping my son away from cords and outlets and such, however, is. Isn't he so funny? By now he's at top speed- getting everywhere as soon as I turn my head!  I'm really going to have to concentrate on growing the eyes in the back of my head.  They're not in yet! When I sat down to type this, I dropped him off in the living room on a blanket full of toys.  He played for a minute, and right now he's in the kitchen playing with a box of tupperware and lids that haven't found a home in our cupboards yet.  and maybe never will- they bring him such joy! haha.  We've also noted that he must dress in overalls at all times.  Onsies are destroyed without mercy as he scoots around the floor!  The neck gets stretched out with each pull, baring his little chest as he goes. (Not to mention that he's a human mop - ew!!)

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Jacki R. said...

Cute! You're such a cord tease though :) Imagine how buff his little bubba arms are going to be from pulling himself around the house like that!