Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Home!

Reason #3 why I've been a blog slacker:

Rowen was very helpful during the moving process!

Actually, he got to play with Nana while the rest of us moved.  Thank you thank you thank you to Lindsi, Trevor, & Brit (my siblings,) Tim, the Reid's, BJ, Matt & Kristi
for helping us move, Kristi for helping me unpack and organize my kitchen, Mom, Lindsi, and Kathleen for helping to paint Rowen's room, Jered for helping prime the apartment, and all the little people that helped make this day possible.  lol.  Seriously, we were so blessed with lots of help and we LOVE you guys!

Oh No! Don't pack me, Momma!"

here's a little "tour" curtosy of Matt- the place is a disaster, but it IS less than 24 hours since we moved in.  It looks much better now of course, but we still have a ways to go!  Can't wait to hae everyone over :o) 


ck2m said...

Can't believe how different Rowen looks! He is growing up so fast! Good luck with unpacking it is a huge job.

Kristy said...

CUTE house!!!!! what a great back yard! That'll be so fun this summer! ;)