Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rowen's first cracker

"ooh a new toy"

"wait a minute! what is this?"

"I guess it looks okay..."

"let's see here..."

"hey! I like it!"

My baby's getting so big!  He'll be 8 months old tomorrow- I thought it was high time he had his own cracker.  It's nothing more than a giant rice krispie- the ingredients claim sweet potato, carrot, cabbage and spinach- but I sure couldn't tell!




I know, I know: you know you're a new mom when you upload eight pictures of your kid eating a cracker! :oP


Tara said...

How cute! He has some great facial expressions. :-)

Jacki R. said...

Mmm, mum mums are num num!! I probably have that many cracker pictures too :)