Monday, March 1, 2010

March Resolutions

January- read through the bible in a year. So far, I'm still on track. Well, i'm a day behind. I got really behind for a while, but spent two mornings really digging in and caught up. It's amazing to me how often I skip getting in the word. i didn't think it was nearly so much, but now that I'm on a reading plan with a checklist, it keeps me really accountable!

February- use the envelope/cash system. Well.......... I didn't do 100%, but much better than the past several months, for sure. I stayed under in my grocery budget, went way over in the dining out budget (pregnancy cravings and buying a birthday dinner don't fit into the plan very well! ha!) but it helped us to see we need to revamp our budget a little bit in that area, at least. For now, anyway. For the most part, I did well and I'm trying again this month.

March- less time on Facebook and Blogs. In one way, Facebook and blogs have been such a blessing, helping me stay/become connected with people. Especially other women from church. Since I've had to stay home from church so often the last several months with a snotty toddler, I feel like Facebook is my Fellowship! But, I think I can get the same idea in much less time than I'm currently spending. After all, my toddler is needy and I'm exhausted. I don't need one more thing demanding my attention. (Probably another reason I skip my time in the Word many mornings. Sad!) So, here's my "resolution" for this month. I will not go on facebook or read blogs except while I eat my lunch after putting Rowen down for nap, (a little "lunch break" if you will) and when Matt's putting Rowen down for bed at night. We'll see how I do! Wish me luck ;)

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