Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Pitters

When we were pregnant with Rowen, we picked out this caterpillar toy for Rowen. We dangled it from his play gym when he was tiny, tied it up over his car seat as a desperate attempt for him to play with something and stay happy while strapped down for a drive, though he never took much interest. It was soon added to a basket of un-touched toys. Not very long ago (well, long ago in his short life) he found the caterpillar and played with it all day. It got cleaned up with the rest of the toys, and he found it the next day. And the next. And the next. It soon became his very favorite lovie, and earned the nickname "pitter." (Caterpillar -> callapitter -> pitter.) Mind you, Monkey has also been the tag-along lovie for just as long. But Monkey was kind of forced on him, haha. He certainly "chose" pitter for himself.
Pitter and/or Monkey come with us nearly everywhere. Walks, grocery store, park, church, you name it.
One day, I thought I'd look up the ASL sign for caterpillar to teach to Rowen. It's simple enough. He picked it up that day.
And it's a good thing, too. Because a couple days later we were at Mother Nature's and of course Pitter came along. When seeing all of the fun, brightly colored plastic potties that were great for toting and stacking while Momma looked at new diaper covers, Rowen cast Pitter aside. Momma paid, grabbed Rowen by the hand, and walked out the door. (After putting away all the fun, brightly colored plastic potties.)
Before we even had a chance to cross the street, Rowen started fussing and looked at me with desperate eyes and signed "caterpillar."

(proud Momma moment)

So, we didn't have to drive back to Southeast Portland later that day to retrieve the beloved caterpillar toy, we merely had to turn around and walk back inside and rescue him from the floor. Thank Heavens.
The following week, Pitter went missing. I turned the house upside down. (you never know what might be hiding in the pot & pan drawer, plant baskets, sock drawers....) Pitter was no where to be found. Rowen was asking for Pitter all day with his giant eyes and his sweet little sign. I knew that day we went to Trader Joes and the 5th street park, so we went back looking for him. No where. So sad.

We of course went to Seagals' and bought Rowen a brand NEW caterpillar. I forgot what it looked like originally. heh heh. mmmm..... New Pitter seemed to satisfy Rowen enough that he at least stopped asking for it. Though it was definitely all about monkey for the next several days. Pitter never even left the bed. All fluffy and shiny and new.... and clearly unloved.

Last night Rowen woke up soaking wet at 2:30am. Matt & I went in to change him & the sheets (unusual for Rowen- this is maybe the 2nd time ever. Ever. that I've had to change the sheets in the middle of the night.) As I was getting new pj's for Ro Ro, he signed "pitter" for the first time since we bought the new one. I thought "ooooh, he's finally growing on you!" until Matt asked when I had found the old Pitter. What? That's right folks, old Pitter was lost in the bed all this time! I swear I looked in the bed. Twice... I swear. Whatever! Now we have two Pitters and one very happy boy. He's had his lovie in position all day (nasty red bow thingy in palm while sucking thumb.) Rowen clearly knew the difference between his beloved toy and this new impostor!
So cute, I had to share :)


BETHANY said...

So cute!

Brandon, Tracy and Riley said...

So cute...but oh, I feel the desperation of trying to find "pitter". On our way back from KS, Riley had left "blankie" (the one and only...she does NOT except substitutes), in the airport before security. Mommy didn't realize it until we were on the plane. When they shut the cabin door, I was frantic! Thankfully someone had run and found it (since they wouldn't let mommy back off the plane). They came and knocked on the door of the plane to give us blankie! Oh happy day...for Riley and mommy (and the rest of the airplance!)

Patti said...

Oh my gosh, that is so precious!!! What a great story and memory to record. :)

The Boggs Family said...

OHHHH!! That is so funny that he knew the difference. : ) So glad they're found! Logan sleeps with these 2 plastic hard balls, but they do fall through his crib slats. Last night Terry heard one drop, and about 5 seconds later we heard this VERY loud "that!" So funny!! : )