Friday, March 5, 2010

Five Months

36" 111 lbs

Another month whizzes past.... only four to go! Hopefully in those four months we'll agree on a name. For now, baby girl is just going to have to be "little miss." She's settling into a routine of movement vs. sleep, which Rowen never did. (Always moving.) And she's really not giving me too much trouble yet. Guess we're still in the 2nd trimester honeymoon :)

The Progress:
pre-pregnancy: 105#
One Month: 100#
Two Months: 101#
Three Months: 102# 29"
Four Months: 107# 34"


The Boggs Family said...

You've only gained 2 pounds?!!!!!!! I won't tell you how much I've gained... : )

The Carter Family said...

You are looking fabulous, friend! I'm so glad you & Little Miss are doing well... can't wait to meet her. :-)

Brianne said...

Rachel- Two? I gained four in the last month! About 12 total, considering I was down to 99# before the positive HPT :)

The Boggs Family said...

I was looking at the pre-pregnancy where it says 105# and at 4 months you weighed 107#. 12 still is WAY better than where I'm at! He he!! ; ) Oh well- I gained a bunch with Logan too and just about lost it all. : )