Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For some, naming a baby is a very personal and private matter. I completely understand why. However I personally feel like our community will one day become her community. Your initial reactions will be similar to the initial reactions of her peers throughout her lifetime. Therefore, we'd love your input before it's "too late." Leave a comment about your thoughts, if you would. I'll create a poll after posting this, though I know many of you will read this on facebook and not bother to actually come to the blog and vote- but we'll take your comments there too. (You can vote for more that one if you're indecisive like that.)
Currently, our list is five names long. It grows, and shrinks, and grows, and shrinks again, as we mill over names in our minds, tossing them back and forth for a few weeks. We haven't even begun to explore the nearly infinite array of middle names- so, we welcome your suggestions. After each name is it's popularity ranking for 2008 according to the social security administration, and it's origin & meaning. (Possible nicknames in parenthesis.)
Without further ado:

Ainsley - 441. Scottish "my meadow"
Annalise - 702. Hebrew "grace, favor" (Annie, Ann, Lisa, Alise)
Brynlee - 895. "hill"(Brynn, Brynne, Lee)
Charlotte - 87. French "petite, feminine" German "free man" (Charley, Lotte)
Violet -184. Latin "violet"

Some possible middle names (we really haven't thought about these, seriously, I'm just throwing some together right now from names that got the axe from the list.):
Ainsley Josephine
Ainsley Rose
Annalise Teagan
Brynlee Joy
Brynlee Jordan
Charlotte Avalie
Charlotte Ann
Violet Eloise
Violet Elora


Meghann Rollinger said...

I LOVE The name Charlolette! Being a teacher i believe I have yet to meet one so her name would be rare. I think it is so classic and pretty!

BETHANY said...

My thoughts -

Ainsley - She'll spend her whole life telling people how to spell it.

Annalise - Assuming this is aw-nuh-lease, then I like this one.

Brynlee - Too many bryn/bren names out there, seems like a trendy name.

Charlotte - Common enough people know how to spell and say it, rare enough she won't know 27 other girls with the same name. That's our criteria, so I'm naturally drawn to this name the most. :)

Violet - Similar response as Charlotte, but the name doesn't grab me as much. THere's a 1yo at church with the name, just as an fyi.

Ultimately, you've got to go with a name you love because everyone else's opinions will vary. :)

Alana said...

I Love the name charlotte! so pretty and timeless to me. and I love the nickname charley :0)

Tara said...

I'm a big fan of Ainsley. My husband is Scottish and this was the one girl name we really loved. I think it's beautiful!!

Ainsley Rose :)

I'm going to send you a friend request on Facebook if that's ok. :)