Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ladies: 1.5 weeks

I propped a stick in the brooder today for a roost- they had a jolly old time picking at it all morning. They enjoyed either eating or playing with all the lichen and moss but that's about it. I think big blackie has been wanting to roost (especially on top of the waterer, if only she could get up there!) I tried propping up a crepe spreader (seriously.) for a few days, and she kept stretching one foot up on it, but never attempting to perch. I figured it was too thin. So, a bigger stick was in order :) Big yellow (Miss Bossy) tried it first, but didn't stay. Big blackie is quite pleased. (no, they still don't have names. I'm starting to think it's for the better, though.) We'll see :) She's pecked at a couple of the other girls who've looked interested. "this is MY roost!"

They're hilarious. They play "keep away" with any pine shavings that they find that are slightly different. They peep all day (and night) long, but it sounds like spring time. Like a tree just outside your house has a flock of birds flying back home from the south. So far no stink, which is a perk. Just waiting for that one :) They're getting their feathers in- you might be able to enlarge the picture to see but I haven't checked. But the tail feathers crack me up.

That's all for now!

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