Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patty's Day Touch Tub

Thought we'd have a little sensory fun and switch out the touch tub with a little seasonally themed fun! We went to Winco and the Dollar store and found some goods :) So far, I've been rewarded with a peaceful quiet morning!
Honestly, I'm not obsessed with St. Patrick's Day. I can't even honestly tell you the real story of St. Patricks Day, though I know I've heard it many times. I'm telling Rowen about Leprachauns and Shamrocks and pots of gold and he's got this glazed over look on his face... I think we need to hit up the Library after nap for some colorful books. :) But yes- I don't care that much about St. Patrick's Day. I just want to be more intentional with directing his play. I think I may homeschool eventually. And if I'm cut out for that, I'd better be cut out for a little child-directed learning. Which includes actually planning activities for him to discover and grow with. So, I happen to be starting the week of St. Patrick's Day. So if I'm a good little girl and actually follow through with my plan, I'm going to post a bunch of fun activities (or not so fun!) and I just needed to get that little disclaimer out of the way first :)

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