Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Activities #2 & 3

yesterday was too busy for blogging, so today you get two activities :) First up, a shamrock shaker! Rowen enjoying pouring in the soap, water, food coloring (for heavens sake, they're for crafts, not for FOOD!), beads, glitter, and little shamrocks. Nice fine motor work!
Momma glued the cap on- and.....

Sister's really enjoying playing with it! I forgot how much fun Rowen had with these when he was a baby. We'll be making more in the future :)

Activity number two! Potato stamps. What's more irish than a shamrock stamp made out of a potato for Pete's sake? (or uh... for Patrick's sake?)
we left one an oval and carved the other into a shamrock. It was good fun for oh, five minutes. My little boy. SO not a crafter. Oh well :)


Anonymous said...

That is such a creative idea! Looks like you guys all had some fun.

bbuckendorf@comcast.net said...

Love the shaker idea. I might have to steal that idea for riley! She would love it!

Funny, I have potatoes that are ready for the same craft. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe tomorrow for St. Patrick's day would be fun.

Good idea mama on gluing on the lid!