Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last year I did a new resolution every month. It was fun, motivating, and effective at changing little things. The accountability didn't hurt. I'm not sure why I didn't just keep it going this year, but I didn't. And I'm kinda missin' it. So why not start in April?
Really, my "new years resolution" this year was to journal more. Journal my quiet times and take notes at church, etc. I haven't been doing that hot. But we can call that "january" and keep working on it!
February I decided to read more. (I don't actually know if it was february exactly, but I've been trying to read more.) and for heavens sake, not JUST about food. I read a lot about food :) I've read:
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz
and am working on
To make a goal more achievable, "they" say you should quantify it. So I'm going to say one book per month.
March brought the idea that I should be doing more with Rowen as far as directing his play to bring about a more structured learning. So I've been planning projects and trying to listen to his interests and questions more- it's been fun! My goal is to plan 3-4 activities a week (or more) and only a week at a time, so I can really mold them to him in that moment. Fun!
April is coming up, and my resolution is to read through the bible in a year. Starting in April, you ask? Didn't you do that last year, you ask? Yes, and yes! My first resolution last year, starting in January, was to read through the bible in a year. And I did! Hooray! But then the year was over, all my little boxes were checked, and my bible reading totally fizzled out. I just get stuck- what to study next? I dunno. Apparently, I'm a box checker. I knew that about myself, this is not shocking. So I downloaded a new "one year reading plan" (complete with boxes!) and I started yesterday (cheating a little, I know.) :)

Now, my resolutions are not and have not been a one-month deal. (okay, a couple of them were.) Anyhow, to recap the last 12 months:

May - stockpile the freezer. OAMC style. (okay, this one really was a one month resolution. I really liked it, and I haven't done it since! I can't believe that was a YEAR ago.)
June- have a healthy baby and try to stay sane. (shoot. another one monther.)
July - ban high fructose corn syrup from our house. (boy, what a can of worms this turned out to be! Not only corn syrup, but all things processed have been getting the boot around here!)
August- try one "deceptively delicious" type recipe a day. (This really was a one month goal, and then to see where it took me. I don't do anything anymore besides the "sweet milk" (sweet potato in his milk, which he loves) and we're still in a fierce vegetable battle with the toddler. Ya win some, ya loose some.)
September - journal pray as a daily part of my quiet times. (clearly, with my January resolution, this has been a flop. But I earnestly want to keep at it.)
October - so long, corn-fed beef. (check. We've even gone to one pastured chicken a month, divided up into four meals plus bone broth.)
November - tidy up! fill BOTH our yard debris bins, every week. & keep the kitchen table clear. (while the yard debris bins are a seasonal thing, i'm still keeping the kitchen table fairly clear!)
December - spend at least hour, one night a week, on the kids' scrapbooks. (fail. utter fail. and I'm still trying. and still failing. boo.)

What about you? What's one thing you'd like to work on this month? Name it! Quantify it! Let's encourage each other :)


Kami said...

I'm curious which site you downloaded your reading a Bible in one year checklist?

Brianne said...
The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan
Thanks for asking, I've been meaning to print one off for my hubby as well at his request, so this kicked my tush into pulling it up!

ck2m said...

Just wanted to say I have enjoyed your posts about Rowen. My mother in-law has our nephew this week. I have been sharing with her the different ideas you have been doing with Rowen. Later in April I will be spending a week with my neice and planning on doing some of the same projects. Thanks Brianne.

Tara said...

I have to tell you first, you inspire me SO much! More than anyone I know which is funny since I don't know you in real life. :) But hey, isn't cool to see how much the Lord uses you even on the internet?! :)

So, to answer your question...I was inspired to ban HFCS in our house too and it's going well. I agree, processed/boxed stuff is getting the boot right along with it. It's so freeing!

Thanks for sharing the bible link. I need to do that too. When DO you find time to do quiet times with 2 little ones??

Oh and that sweet potato milk idea sounds good! I may try that too--thanks. :)

Brianne said...

yeah.... time..... 5:30 in the morning. seriously. *yawn!* If I just can't do it, then nap time is a decent substitute- but really, I need to ask God to cover my day FIRST thing. To receive wisdom, patience, discipline, energy, joy, grace... and the whole lot of everything else I need and don't have by my own strength. Especially in the morning! Lately, I've been posting scripture all around my house. (yay for 3x5 decor! not exactly pottery barn.) but, despite how it looks, it helps me to meditate on His Word just a tiny bit a time! And every little bit helps.

Patti said...

I love the monthly resolution's very much a "happiness project" kind of idea too! :) I think blogging about a goal is a great idea too. I'm going to blog about mine right now in fact! :)

Brianne said...

so funny Patti! I know what you mean, when I read THP I was shocked to see that my new month's resolutions of 2010 were in fact NOT an original idea. bah!

Anonymous said...

When I read your comment on the December goal I laughed out loud. I love how honest you are. Keep it coming.

Lisa said...

I think the 1 month resolutions is a good way to do it! And I will be giving it a try since...
In all honesty I am failing at almost all of mine!
I want to plan at least 3 outings for Bella per week. Be more intentional about Bible studies and general education (like learning sign language and French). I want to do a charity at least 1x a month. Exercise more, and of course spend more time with God. I do pretty good at adding veggies to most of our meals but I still have A TON to learn about eating healthier and nutrition. Hopefully by trying to tackle some of things things in a more monthly thinking I will actually do some of them!!! :) Thanks for your honesty and encouragement!