Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1st prenatal appointment!

Finally! I just got back from my first prenatal appointment. It seemed like FOREVER while I was waiting for it to come around! We are now 9 weeks along- we found out around 5 weeks- so it was a long four week wait :)
Matt, the love of my life, came with me- which was great :) I don't know why but I was nervous!! We went through the 6 page questionnaire and chatted about my symptoms and this and that- and then we got to do an ULTRASOUND!! I was really trying not to get my hopes up as you don't always get one at 9 weeks- so I was -so- excited. She (my doctor) brought in the big rolling machine (had to squish Matt behind the door to get it in) and got me all set up. I got a good squirt of cold blue gel and then got to take a look inside! It was hard to see- just black and gray fuzzies as she swirled it around, looking for the baby. "hm, that's interesting." she muttered. "it almost looks like there's two in there"
Matt and I laugh nervously.
Two what?
"I'm not sure, but I think you might be having twins. You can have an ultrasound in a week to make sure, or would you like me to have a specialist come in and check?"
Uh- yeah. Not really sure I want to spend all week wondering!?!?!
She leaves to go get the guy and Matt and I laugh nervously some more.
He comes in, probes around forever, and confirms there's just ONE little bean in there. Little heart beating away- phew! Not sure what the other lump was- but the baby had moved around so we could get a better view (thanks, buddy!) and he/she is apparently alone.
Well that was fun!
Now we are relieved to have seen the little heart beating and to know it's just one little heart. Hahaha.
We talked some more about my bone disorder and slipped vertebrae and she thinks I'm definately at a higher risk for C-section than most women (cry!) but as long as the baby's healthy- I'll do whatever it takes. I've been trying to prepare myself mentally for this reality as it seems it's pretty much a guarantee with my bone disorder- but I'm so bummed about it anyway. I really wanted to have a natural birth and to really experience all of it- but I guess I should just be thankful for technology and medical advancement and that I'm not living 100 years ago and dying in childbirth. Heh heh...
But that unhappy note aside-- we are most certainly pregnant! Our baby is wiggling around in there with it's little beating heart and everything is going great! *phew*
I'm scheduled for an ultrasound in two weeks- it'll be a good one! and then my next appointment is another month after that. (Another 6 week wait!) I may also have an orthopedic appointment somewhere in there as well to figure out what the story is with my hips and back. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!


Kristy said...

oh my gosh i just about chocked on my bean dip snack when i read the "it-might-be-twins" part!!!
holy cow that would've been crazy!!!!
glad everything is chugging along nicely! ;)
i have an u/s next week to measure her weight. lets hope she is still a "she" b/c i've already washed all her clothes! hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad you got an early ultrasound! Mine was at 6 wks, 5 days and have to wait until next Fri for my next (at 17 wks) so that's nice you get another soon. Are you going to post pics of your lil peanut? I hope so! I was thinking "oh my goodness" at the twins part, that'd definitely be a surprise... See you on babyfit & I'll talk to you soon!

Jamie said...

How exciting, Brianne. I know lots of women recently who have had twins. Maybe next time you will be as fortunate! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see the baby. When I read the part about twins I yelled "Oh my Gosh" at work so loud a co-worker came to check on me. I am glad your little one is healthy and things are coming along well. Congrats to you three. Carol