Tuesday, February 26, 2008

homemade dishwashing detergent!

I learned another cool trick from the internet. How to make your own (cheap!) detergent for the dishwasher! It's just one part borax to one part baking soda! 1-2 Tbsp per load and your good to go! We've been using it all week and so far- it works great! Neat, huh?

Ooh, and the best part is that it's also completely natural and good for the environment (and my developing baby!)



Debbie Taylor said...

Hi Brianne and Matt! I'm not actually commenting about your homemade detergent, although I've heard that it does indeed work well! Congrats on your pregnancy! :) We're so happy for the two of you! We love the "rules for baby" that you sent to us at the Center- me and Becky were cracking up so much that we were afraid we would wake the kids! Continued best wishes to you both!

Debbie Taylor (Becky says hello, too!).

The Biles said...

Interesting...but I guess I'll need to buy some borax now...I can honestly say I have no clue what in the world that is!!!