Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And thus begins the journey into parenthood

I was due for a little visit from Aunt Flo on Wednesday the 23rd. She never showed so I took a little test and it was a big fat negative. No big deal, I thought. We've only been trying for two months.
Thursday. Nothing.
Friday. Nothing.
Friday night Matt asked me how things were going and I nonschelantly mentioned that I was three days late- it's probably nothing, I said. Matt said "So..... when can we start getting excited?" tee hee.
Saturday. Nothing.
Sunday rolls around and still nothing- we're now five days late and starting to wonder. Could it have been that easy? We had been guessing all day, while Matt dragged me around the auto show (no really, I volunteered to go-) and Matt asked me while we were driving home if I wanted to run to the store and get a test. Uh, Yeah!? So we went to freddies and picked up a clear blue easy. Went through the self-check lane and of course it wouldn't ring up so the lady had to come help us. Went home to use the thing and I set it down on the counter and pretended it didn't exist. Too nervous for another negative! Matt was standing there watching it and after about thirty seconds he asked, Um hon, did it look like that before you peed on it? I said "What?" and looked to find A BIG BLUE PLUS!!
We were both pretty shocked, but totally happy. and shocked. And... maybe a little suprised. But not really. It's just that the reality hasn't hit yet.

We decided that we wanted to tell as much of our family at the same time as possible, so we convinced several to come over for a little dinner. Friday ended up working out for everyone. So I'm sorry for the blogging hiatus- I knew if I wrote anything at all I would inadvertantly let information leak before our familes knew!
Well, it was the longest week of our lives. Keeping such a big secret is tough! I don't know how people do it for three months! Anyway- here's how it went.
I spent all day making butternut squash lasagna, caprese salad, roasted garlic butter for the sourdough bread (store bought bread...) braised brussel sprouts (I didn't want to be the only one with horrible gas- haha! This baby makes a lot of air!) homemade caesar dressing for salads and coffee gelatto for dessert. It was fun :) His parents made it over on time and my family slowly trickled in- it was killer waiting for everyone! I wanted to burst! We sat down and enjoyed our salads and bread and then passed the food around. We bowed our heads as Matt blessed the food, the company, and THE BABY!! I'm suprised no one interupted. We looked up and everyone was like.... "baby?? REALLY?? Does that mean...???!?!!??" My mom cried of course- everyone was thrilled and they all were guessing (except my mom, believe it or not!) and were like "we knew that was why we're here!" My brother even told his boss that he had to go to dinner at his sister's house because she had an announcement to make. Lol. Well, that little blue plus suprised us at least!!Here's everyone but Bob- he took the picture. :) Oh, happy day! Matt called his brother, who lives in Seattle, and left him a message. "Hey Uncle Evan, call me back!" A few hours later he did. We called grandparents too. I haven't called my real dad yet because he lives in Denmark right now and they're 9 hours ahead so it would have been awefully early in the morning... heh. I think I'll try to get ahold of him this coming weekend. We'll see. But the fun wasn't over Friday night- we had to wait until Sunday to surprise the other half of my family at the Superbowl gathering. I showed up wearing this:I've never gotten such great reactions to an outfit before! It was pretty funny! This shirt was actually pretty big, I had to do a little t-shirt surgery to take it down from a medium standard T-shirt (who looks good in those, really?) to an extra small shirt with a little shape. I'm actually kinda proud at how it turned out! Just don't look too close. :)
Well- there ya have it! Sorry if you are reading this and would have rather found out in person. Just be happy we decided not to wait until the second trimester. ;)


Kristy said...

congratulations & welcome to this wonderful (& very tiring, stretching of muscles & waves of crazy emotions) journey!!!! i am SO excited for you two!
i am here if you have any questions, concerns or just want to vent!!!! ;)
when is your EDD?

The Biles said...

Ohhhh! Congrats! I even saw you on Wed., but didn't come across your announcement yet! Yay! I'm happy for you two!!!

Tara said...


Shannon said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I almost screamed when I read this! I know David and I have been MIA for a while, but this is such exciting news! I'm so glad that I go your 'blog email' about names... Brianne, you're going to be the best mommy... keep us posted!!! Can't wait to see David's reaction. Love y'all.