Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2 more weeks!

We get to go in for our anatomy ultrasound in just two weeks. I'm so excited! I really don't care if it's a boy or a girl, I'm just so excited to know one simple thing about our little baby! One step closer to meeting him/her!
I've been thinking about closing the name polls for a while because we've decided against most of them, so there's really no point in having them available for vote anymore. :) Besides, how many more votes could we POSSIBLY get? We'll put up a new one in a couple weeks when we know the gender. Ooooh so close!! How on earth do people wait 40 weeks to find out?? 19 is long enough!! :) And just because it would be perfectly ironic, our little turnip will probably be shy and cross his/her legs or hide behind the umbilical cord the whole time anyway. ;) So I shouldn't get my hopes up so high. haha.

The name results were:
Gabriel Jude with 21
Rowen Micah & Aiden Micah both with 19
Wyatt Aiden with 13
and Ezra Paul coming in last with only 10

Evelyn Grace with 25
Gracelyn Joy with 22
Adie Grace with 19
(People like grace!)
Elisha Joy with 13
and Amabell Claire with a whopping 7


The Biles said...

Lol...I like the it might be shy, cross the legs...tee-hee. Do post as soon as you knows. =)

Brett & Patti said...

Our little girls name was almost Evelyn Elisabeth. If we have another girl, that will likely be her name. It is just so simple and elegant, we love it!!