Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For Sale By Owner

Ready or not, here we go!

Matt posted the house for sale on the internet this morning. Please be praying for us!! We're okay with whatever God wants for us- it'll just be a matter of finding out what that is. :)
Coming in June, Matt will be the sole provider for our soon-to-be-expanding family and we'd like to make the most financially wise decisions possible as our budget goes under a drastic over-haul! I'm so excited and nervous and... well... exhausted just thinking about it. :)

Here's some pictures we took last night to make the "take-ones" - it was dark before we got to the front of the house and the camera battery died. Maybe better luck today :)


BETHANY said...

Cute place! Praying everything works out easily. :)

ck2m said...

You have good taste, wonderful style and I love all the windows. I think things are going to go great. But good luck none the less.

Tara said...

Your house is really pretty! I hope God brings you the perfect buyer soon. The thought of going down to one income is scary to me too. Are you downsizing to just a smaller house?

Kristi said...

Looks great! I know it will all work out in His timing.

Browers said...

The house looks great guys. All of Matt's "handy-man" work has really made a difference from when you first moved in. I hope everything works out without too much stress. We will be praying for you two.