Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Prenatal Appointment - what a blessing!

Well I my second prenatal visit on Friday- it was great! It was pretty quick but everything is looking awesome. They took my pulse, BP, and weight, and all are looking good. (I've gained 6 pounds! This is the only time in life I can be excited about gaining weight- haha) My doctor did a bunch of research on my bone disorder and found out that in the one study that's been done, my risk of C-section is only about 48%, which I'm super excited about! It sounded like before it was going to be inevitable. So it's double the rate of most women, but at least we've got a chance for a normal delivery. :) She thought we'd be able to go full term without scheduling anything and just see how it goes during my labor, unless it's looking like the baby is way too big ahead of time. She also was not concerned about my slipped vertebrae, she said if anything changes (pain, numbness) I should call her right away, but not to plan on it affecting my pregnancy at all! That's great news! I've just been waiting to hear "bed rest all summer..." haha.... so you'll find me by the pool instead. ;)

I got to hear baby's heart beat for the first time- it was SO loud and sounded like a horse's hooves galloping away! I've heard before that that's what it sounds like, but I didn't really get it. Seriously, it was like hooves on pavement. So weird. :) My DR smiled when she found it and said it sounded fantastic, steady and strong. We scheduled my anatomy ultrasound (when we'll get to find out the sex!) for may 7th - I'll be 19 weeks, and my next prenatal for may 28th - I'll be 22 weeks. wow, already that close to the half way point! What a blessing this pregnancy has been so far. :)


BETHANY said...

Isn't it cool to hear the heartbeat that first time?

Mathia Family said...

Thanks for the Game advice Brianne! Looks like a cute house, what are the stats? Maybe we'll buy it! We aren't looking to move right now but if the price and location was right, we might consider it! Congratulations on the pregnancy!
Rachelle Mathia