Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daddy's New Grill

Guess what Matt got for an early Father's Day/Birthday present??

I had this sneaky plan of getting help from family and pooling together birthday funds to get Matt the BBQ he's been dreaming of. I was going to have it magically appear on our back porch on Father's Day morning. Of course, with the baby coming next weekend, I decided that letting him go get it a little early was worth loosing the surprise factor. I don't think he minded.

I think he was proud of all my research efforts, and said that the grill I picked out was exactly what he would have picked if he knew we had the money (thank you, thank you, everyone who contributed!) He also said he was happy that he got to put it together himself. Pretty much, all around happiness.

Rowen was a big helper of course.

ta daa!

not long after bringing home the box, we had dinner on the table. He was practically giddy with how quickly it heated up and dinner was done. Love him!

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The Boggs Family said...

Good job, Mama!! I think it's great he can enjoy it this weekend, and next week he'll have another bundle of joy!! ; )