Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I am so blessed to be Rowen's Momma!

Matt earned major husband points this year with my mother's day gift- he took Rowen to paint this little flower pot with handprints. How sweet is that? I love my guys :) :)
He also treated me to Noah's and Starbucks for breakfast (mmmmm.. noahs.......), we had an amazing church service as usual, went to brunch with his family at his Grandma's retirement home, headed home for Rowen's nap, and then to my parents for a beautiful walk and out to dinner. It was such a great day! It was a beautiful weekend all together, actually. Saturday was the first farmer's market and I was giddy with all the sunshine! It was SO great to walk to the market again, and stroll around for so long- last year it was a much shorter trip since Rowen was on two naps, but this year we'll get to take our time, play at the park, stop at the library, whatever :) We may even get to stay for lunch a time or two! The market food always smells so fabulous... anyway, it was a great weekend and I feel so blessed to call myself wife and mother to my two amazing guys. :) Happy Mother's day!

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Meghann Rollinger said...

So glad you had a great mother's day!!! You mama's work so hard you deserve it!