Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Resolutions

Happy New Month!!
(i know, just doesn't have the same ring as happy new year... but, I'm going to keep trying.)

The Recap:
January - read through the bible in a year. Still on track, and ever so blessed :)
February - envelope system. Not so hot this month. I have a thing for grocery shopping, what can I say? And Matt desperately needed some new clothes for work. And we ate out a bit more than we should have. May will be better.
March - watch internet time. with all our outdoor time, this was totally not an issue this month. I do want to try to not crack open the lap-top until after my quiet time, though. First things first.
April - walk whenever possible. You would be so proud of me! I didn't get out every single day I could have, but almost. And several days I walked four or five miles total. Rowen LOVED it. He's a stroller kid. I walked to the store/bank/wherever at times I would have driven before, and I know I'm better for it. Definitely keeping this resolution up as long as Little Miss will let me.

May - stockpile the freezer. OAMC style. I know this probably isn't a "resolution" as much as a particular goal for this particular month, but maybe I'll love the "once-a-month-cooking" so much I'll keep up with it? I've fallen in love with my meal planning system- I've been rockin' it for about a year now. I think it would adjust really easy to OAMC if it works for me. I've been wanting to try it for months, but have shied away for one reason or another. No more, baby. The cheese is already shredded. Monday I'm going to hit the grocery store with my mega list, and then depending on how the day goes, either Monday or Tuesday are going to be spent entirely in the kitchen. Here's the catch for this cooking marathon: it's for when Little Miss gets here. It was my favorite thing I did to prepare for Rowen, to have a freezer packed with meals at the ready. However, he was born in October so the freezer was stocked with soups and casseroles and such. Easy. Not so yummy sounding for July & August. But, I've got a plan for "partially" cooked meals or meal fragments so to speak, and we're going to bust it out and see just how much easier it makes life, and if it's worth the hard work! *fingers crossed!*

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