Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Needs Sand?

we picked up a sandbox for Rowen this weekend with a big coupon at
Toys R Us. Kind of a splurge, but hoping it'll be hours of entertainment
throughout the summer while Momma's busy feeding baby sister. We
haven't picked up any sand yet, we're hoping to shop around and find the
best price. But while Daddy was putting together his new grill, we filled
the sandbox with his plastic balls for a little fun! He was sitting on the
edge and accidentally fell in backwards- which he thought was hilarious.
He then continued to try and throw himself backward and "splash" in the
balls. What a goofball!


BETHANY said...

Super cute!!

Brandon, Tracy and Riley said...

So cute! We found beach sand was best priced at Oregon Decorative Rock. We took two red recycling bins and filled them. Perfect amount for the sandbox and cheaper than anywhere else we looked.