Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Miss Lotte's 2 month stats

Happy 2 month birthday, Lotte Lu! I know, it was last saturday, but I can't quite keep up with how fast time is passing us by. So better now than never. :)
We went to the doctor yesterday, he's really happy with how well you're doing!  Your head circumference is 14.76" which is the 17th percentile, but about 50th percentile for your adjusted age. Your height is 21.5" which is almost the 17th percentile (about 50th adjusted) and you weigh 10lbs 13oz which is the 47th percentile, but nearly the 75th for your adjusted age! You jumped up quite a bit from last month! It makes your growth chart look funny :) I guess all that eating is doing you some good.  I'm so happy to have a healthy baby girl, attached to me all day long or not. :)
You got your first vaccine and you had a miserable day yesterday because of it.  It made me realize just how happy and calm of a baby you really are.
You're holding your head up so well, and we're still waiting for you to really smile at us.  For now, we'll just keep smiling at you.
Your favorite place to be is in the moby wrap, but you're sleeping great in your crib too. We put you on your super fuzzy blanket, usually with something of mine near by for you to smell, and you're sleeping 6 or more hours in a row at night! This morning, i woke you up at about 10 hours! That i believe was the vaccine's doing, however. :)
I'm positively in love with your big squishy cheeks.  I can't stop kissing them or the top of your head all day.
I think your brother agrees. :)

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The Boggs Family said...

Good girl, Lotte!!!!! You must be producing some amazing milk, mama!! I LOVE the picture of Rowen hugging his little sister. It's so precious!