Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple Things that make me Happy #7

I love this stuff. Seriously.
Scar Reliever™
what makes you happy today?


Tara said...

Does this really help with pregnancy stretch marks? If so, I may need to get some! :)

Today I'm happy because I have an iced coffee and peace and quiet because my son is napping. :)

Matt and Brianne said...

actually haven't tried it on stretch marks- mine aren't too bad so I didn't think about it. It's done wonders for my c-section scar though, both times! This time I'm healing clearly better than the first time, probably because I started using it right away.

Lisa said...

Can you get it a a regular grocery store? I would love to try it on my preggo marks! ;)

Matt and Brianne said...

you have to buy it online :(

Tara said...

Thanks for that info Brianne! You are so lucky you didn't get stretch marks. I'm small too and my belly got BIG so I got those lovely marks despite my best efforts to coat myself in cocoa butter.

Anyway, I have the c-section scar too! My belly is just lovely. :) I'll see if I can find that stuff online. Too bad it isn't sold in stores.