Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Things that make me Happy #5

Left over coffee, and left over whipped cream.  
They make me so happy, I thought I'd share this tip with the world! Did you know you can save brewed coffee that you didn't drink? Just stick it in the fridge and warm it up the next day for coffee-lightening-speed.  It's even better cold, so mine usually doesn't make it to the next day. It becomes 3:00 iced coffee almost every day. lol.  But, it's a nice treat to not grind beans, measure water, and brew a pot in the morning when it happens to last that long.  
Also, if you whip too much cream, you can save it in the fridge as well.  Tried that before you say? It got all soupy and nasty you say? Well, that's because you didn't save it in a fine mesh strainer.  That's right, folks. Put it in a strainer, and it'll be thick and luscious the next day. And the next. Make sure you put the strainer in a bowl though!

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