Wednesday, September 17, 2008

38 weeks, 1 day

I can't believe I've gotten to this point in my pregnancy already. We're so close to meeting our little boy- it's unreal!
Thought I'd do a little update- though nothing exciting, I know there's lots of readers out there wondering. First of all, thank you to those of you who've been praying for us. It's definitely a big help, emotionally if nothing else! I'm feeling really good about going 42 weeks if we have to, and just waiting this little guy out. I want him to come when he's ready, and I'm really enjoying the quiet time Matt and I have left together.
Monday I had another prenatal appointment. Our vitals are all lookin' good, but there's still no progress down south. He's also still floating high, and my uterus is measuring a whopping 39 cm, just a tad bigger than average.
Tuesday I went in for a non-stress-test to make sure everything is still looking fantastic on the inside. I had a quick ultrasound where he flashed us his boy parts (the tech covered the screen and said "do you know what you're having??") 'cause it would have been hard to miss. hahaha. She said there was tons of amniotic fluid still and he was practicing his breathing movements right from the start. Good boy :) Then I got hooked up to the monitor via a couple belly straps, and got to listen to his heart beating for around a half hour. They want to see it go up (meaning, he's movin') twice in a twenty minute time period, and we got that in no time, of course. It also recorded a couple of contractions. Cool.
Today I went to St. Vincent for an anesthesia consult, just to make sure my spine would be okay for an epidural if a C-section became necessary. If you don't know, I have a slipped vertebrae and spinal curvature (lordosis- not scoliosis.) So I had a little exam and the anesthesiologist seemed to think they could make it work if it came down to it. He said it would definitely be more difficult, and there would be some other challenges with my size, but that they're all very capable and have run into more difficult situations before. He also was very reassuring that if anything bad happened they're good at quickly switching to general anesthesia (yikes,) but they'd try to avoid that as much as possible. I was surprised at how encouraging he was for natural labor, actually. He wanted to make sure I knew that if I did need anesthesia I wasn't a failure- and that they would try to come up with the best "cocktail" for me that they could. So- that was good.
And now you're up to date!


Jamie said...

Thanks for the update, Brianne. It is good news indeed. We will keep you, little Rowen, and Matt in our prayers.

Kristy said...

allllllmost there! ;)

mrsbrooks said...

You are almost there sis!!! I am so jealous on how close you are! I love you and I cant wait to meet Rowen!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! You are going to be great parents.

Mandy said...

Yah! Hang in there!

Mathia Family said...

Hey, saw a link to your blog on the recipe email you sent me, which looks fab by they way.. can't wait to try it, thanks a bunch! :)

Kelly T said...

Hey there. My name is Kelly (Robertson) Tofslie. I went to high school with Matt and we were in the band together. I saw Matt left a comment on Beth Rogers status on facebook and had to come say hi! We have a blog and our little one just turned 2 end of August. Hope the end of your pregnancy is treating you well! Just in case it doesnt link over.