Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I've seen a few of these floating around, "tagging" all readers... I guess I should play too :oP I've enjoyed reading the answers! So here we go...

20 Years Ago I was... 7. That year will probably always be marked as the year my parents got divorced. Many emotional struggles ensued for years to come... I don't remember much of anything else from that period of my life.

10 Years Ago I was... 17. I had just asked Christ into my heart the summer before & was FULL of fire and life as I grew in the knowledge of Him. I just came back from a home-stay in Japan, and was starting my senior year of high school. I was most likely beginning to freak about about the nearness of college and the flood of applications for schools and scholarships that were about to be piling up!

5 Years Ago I was... 22. Dating the LOVE of my LIFE. Dying to know when we would get engaged. (In three months!) I had graduated from Oregon State but wasn't sure what to do with my life exactly- not really wanting to dive right into grad school without the money (so glad I didn't) and not wanting to move back to Portland and find a "real job" quite yet, I was working at Allaan Brother's Coffee in Albany (very miserably, it was the worst job I have EVER had- and I've had a lot of jobs!!) and still living with my amazing three roommates Sarah, Lindsey, and Tia. (Love you girls! Miss you dearly!)

3 Years ago I was... 24. Dearly enjoying life with my hubby. We were getting bitten by the house buying bug as our friends from the "newly married group" started buying theirs one after another. We met them all at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship - had been going there for a year at least, and we were volunteering in the nursery at this point, I believe. Maybe the 2 year olds... so much fun :) We kind of missed our last "rotation" but this belly is not conducive to carrying around a bunch of kids!!

Yesterday I... had another prenatal appointment- nothing exciting- we're both still healthy and hanging in there. I came home and cleaned house and made chili for the freezer. Then I spent the afternoon in the pool. Aaaahhhhhh weightlessness.

Tomorrow I will... have another Dr. appointment, make another dinner or something for the freezer, clean house some more, hit the pool... you get the routine. ;)

Next year I will... be planning my baby boy's first birthday party!! What an incredible thought that is!! I will still be making this apartment work for a family of three, and enjoying every moment I get with my amazing husband. We'll celebrate our 5th anniversary next year!

I tag: Anyone and everyone who reads my blog!

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