Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Shower #2

I had my second (of two) Baby Shower last Sunday. I would have posted about it earlier, but I don't have any pictures and I was *hoping* some people would send me some... (hint, hint) but haven't gotten any yet! So I figured I'd at least document that it did in fact happen, indeed, and was a blast! My little sister came up with a super creative idea to have a bunch of scrapbooking supplies out and to have every guest create a page of Rowen's baby book. So cute. So now I have a scrapbook that's nearly complete, except for pictures (of course!) and a few pages of special things that might happen that I didn't get pages of. How nice will it be to plug in pictures and have a beautiful baby book with such little effort? I love it!
Of course there was lots of yummy food, and SO many wonderful presents!! Baby Rowen is a spoiled, spoiled little guy already.Thank you everyone!!
My college roommates, Sarah, Lindsey, and Tia came into town from Medford and Corvallis and we got to spend some time together Saturday night (at Insomnia) and Sunday morning (at Athey), which was such a blessing. The last time all four of us were together was Tia's wedding nearly two years ago. Too long! (I love you girls and miss you so much!!)

Well that's enough dilly dallying- I've got some more freezer meals to make today and I'd better get busy! If I get any pictures I'll add them later. :) Toodaloo!

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TheBoehme3 said...

How cool with the scrapbook pages! I did the same thing for Rachelle (another Athey creeker) at her shower. Now I'm kinda wishing someone had done that for me because boy, it is hard to find time for my beloved scrapbooking now! :)