Tuesday, September 23, 2008

39 weeks

just "checking in" for all those of you who I don't see or talk to regularly- nothing new to report! I have my next prenatal appointment on thursday so maybe I'll have something fun to tell you then, but I doubt it ;) He's hanging in there for an October birthday, I know it! Hope everyone's having a great week so far--


BETHANY said...

Soon and very soon
To the hospital you'll go
Soon and very soon
You will hold a little Row
Soon and very soon
Your boobs will grow and grow
Hallelujah, hallelujah
You'll hold a little Row

Brianne said...

ooooooh Bethany, thank you for the chuckle! I love it

The Biles said...

So glad you updated, I've been thinking of you!!! =) Tammy PS: Dude, that poem made me laugh pretty good.

Kristy said...

very soon baby rowen will be here!!!!!! ;)

praying for you....