Tuesday, August 5, 2008

32 weeks!!

baby boy at 32 weeks gestation:

Gee- and I thought I was getting uncomfortable!! hahaha
8 weeks to go! (5 until full term!) ;) He should be about 4 lbs today. At the ultrasound last week (sorry I still haven't gotten pictures up- I need to borrow a scanner) he was approximately 3# 9oz - which is right on track. He's "supposed" to gain a half pound a week now until D day. And I'm supposed to gain a pound a week- I've got to eat more. My weight hasn't budged since June, darn it.
He's so wiggly and squirmy!! I read this morning that he's sleeping 90-95% of the time. I...... don't think so. I guess he's pretty quiet most of the day, but it seems like he's a busy little guy much more often than 5-10% of the day!! Let's see... with 24 hours.... that's.... 21.6-22.8 hours of sleeping, leaving 1.2-2.4 hours of awake time. Hm..... well if that's average, I think I'm going to have a busy little beaver on my hands in a couple months!
Of course, movements are supposed to slow down starting this week as he gets more and more out of room. Poor little guy, that does look mighty cramped in there!!

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Alana's Blog said...

I had a very squrmy guy too! and he never slowed down. went I went in to be induced they couldnt get an accurate heart rate from the fetal monitor because he wouldnt stop moving! he is still a busy boy!