Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Shower!

It was so nice to get together with a bunch of gals and celebrate our coming little bundle of joy! We were SO blessed with gifts- holy cow :) Thank you thank you to everyone again!! Look at all this loot! He's going to be a spoiled little man!We got blankets, towels, fun toys & practical necessities, all the diapers & covers we'll need in the smallest size (which I promptly washed, re-washed, and folded the next morning with glee!) My mom made a baby book of ME (since I didn't have one, which was so sweet and I cant imagine where she got the time,) a rocking chair (to be delivered) and the pack-and-play; which of course Matt had to set up and take down as soon as we got home.
Of course I forgot that I had my camera during the shower, so I failed to get any pictures DURING the party- hopefully I'll see some that other people got! But here are a couple afterwards.

Four little friends-to-be: Baby Bustamante, Rowen, JJ, and Riley!

Matt (Craig) saved the day when Jen's tire went flat! Oh no!
All in all it was a very fun time with yummy treats and great fellowship! I'm so blessed by everyone that came- and thanks again Tracy for hosting! What great friends I have :)

Thanks, Marilyn, for sending me this photo of my mom and sister and me!

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Andrea said...

oh my goodness! I haven't seen you in a while Brianne - you've grown. You look so happy. Congrats!