Friday, August 1, 2008

4th anniversary, part 2

Being Thursday and having very little energy, we just went out on a simple date last night to celebrate our anniversary. We had a gift card to cheesecake factory, and as I mentioned a couple days ago, we always have to have cheesecake on our anniversary! So it worked out just fabulously :) We didn't get any great pictures, as usual, but managed to get this one as we enjoyed the avocado egg rolls... mmm...
We split an appetizer, a dinner, and a slice of Kahlua coffee cheesecake, and both walked away totally stuffed! There's always too much food at this place! But it was a great time to talk about the past year, all the blessings that have fallen in our laps, and every little moment that we've enjoyed together as husband and wife. The waitress told us we were "so cute" - we mentioned it was our 4th anniversary and she was like, "oh, really? I thought you had JUST gotten married!" That was sweet :) We do kind of feel like we just got married, the years have flown by so fast! It's funny going through wedding pictures the past few days because it really does seem like it was just last summer or something. Can't wait for the next 50, should the Lord tarry.

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Kristy said...

sounds like you had a lovely evening! & now I am gonna have to get myself some cheesecake!!!