Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Beach Trip '08

Every year, my family takes a little trip (to the coast for the past several years) to get a family portrait. Yes, we're still getting family portraits. Why? Because it's pretty stinkin' funny.

Funny? Family portraits?

oh yes, for those of you who don't already know, we get them done at an Old Fashioned Western Photo place. That's right- there are about 17 western photos hanging on the wall at my folk's house. It's a fantastic display. ;)

Matt and I decided to continue the tradition and have gotten our second picture done this year. With my laaaaarge belly - pretty funny stuff :)

It ended up being the perfect weekend to go since it was 104 here in Beaverton, and I did NOT want to hang around for that. At the coast it was maybe 70 degrees tops, and overcast. I wore a sweater all day. Aaaahhhhhh. After lunch, our picture, and a little walking & shopping on the prom (including ice cream of course)
we headed to Gearheart where you can drive on the beach. This is what it looked like- I'm probably 50 feet from the ocean- can you see it?We couldn't either. We never got out of the car!!
So we headed home and had a yummy dinner at the spaghetti factory before calling it a night. mmmmm...... mushroom and mazithra....

Me and Matt-

Mom & Pa-

Lindz & Trev-

Brit & the PDA-

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