Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Honey!!

This day, 27 years ago, I was crawling around in the summer grass with no idea that my world was changing for good. I bet the air smelled sweeter, the sun shone brighter, and everybody's smile had more warmth and meaning.

what happened?

Matt was born!!

I got to take him lunch today at work (jalapeno chicken salad at his request)
and we had an hour in the park to picnic and relax. It was nice! A little chilly, but that's okay! It's always nice to spend time together :) And we have a feeling that that time will be more rare & precious in the coming months...
We're going out on a "dinner date" tonight thanks to a giftcard from my step-mom- but that's the extent of our birthday adventures being it's a Wednesday and I'm quickly loosing steam!

Honey, I hope today is a great birthday! And even more than that- that this year will be your best yet! See you in a couple hours. <3 <3 <3 <3

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TheBoehme3 said...

Aww, sweet!
That reminds me of a Steven Curtis Chapman song - "11/6/64" - written for his wife on her B'day. :)